Arriving at the start of July as just 1 day old chicks, Kirk's Turkeys are initially kept in large, spacious barns bedded down with dust free shavings and they have plenty of natural light and ventilation. For the first couple of weeks they are housed under heat lamps until their feathers fully develop. The turkeys are fed on a ration containing at least 70% home grown cereals that have no growth promoters or additives.

Once they are older they are separted as our Traditional Bronze and White Turkeys are reared in our barns and the Free Range Bronze and White Turkeys roam the glorious paddocks which adjorns the farm, taking in the fresh air and village countryside every day. At night they are ushered back into the barns by our collie dog Jessie so they are safely shut away from foxes. They are bedded on home grown straw as well as having the straw bales in the barns for them to peck at and roost on. First thing in the morning Kirks Turkeys are let back out into the paddocks but can come back into the barn to drink and eat.  

As a family run farm animal welfare has always been a top priority for us. We aim to provide our turkeys with the best environment and give them ample time to finish at about 22 weeks of age comapred to the intensive birds at 16 weeks.

adult white turkeysOver 3500 Turkeys are produced ready for the Christmas trade and are sold direct from the farm or through high quality butchers and farm shops in Leicester, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire. 

Our Turkeys are avaliable to order from October via the website, email or telephone. 

We have a vast order size range for our whole bird Turkeys from 4.5kg (10lbs) to 13.6kg (30lbs). 

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in demand for Turkey Crowns. The advantage of a Turkey Crown over a whole Turkey is that it is quicker to cook, easier to carve and has less meat for those who do not want lots of leftovers. Crowns are avaliable in sizes 2kg (6lbs) to 5kg (11lbs).

Our Turkeys are supplied oven ready with giblets and in a clear polythene bag. For the added luxury our Free Range Turkeys and Crowns are supplied in a bespoke box. We do sell the Turkey legs and thighs throughout the year from the farm and in 2018 we started selling turkey mince which has become very popular. 

Turkey orders are collected from the farm either on 23rd December between 7am and 6pm.They can of course be collected at an earlier or later date by arrangement.

If you would like more help on choosing the right size please see the size guide and prices page which will advise you on the best size.

We can happily accomodate earlier orders for special occasions such as Thanksgiving or an early Christmas celebration so please contact us if you require this.