Kirks Cockerels arrive at the start of September as just 1 day old chicks. They are initially kept in large spacious barns bedded down with dust free shavings and have plenty of natural light and ventilation along with heat lamps to keep them warm. The cockerels are fed on a ration containing at leat 70% home grown cereals containing no artifical additives or growth stimulates.

Once they are older they are separated as our Traditional Cockerels are reared in our light airy barns and the Free Range Cockerels roam the glorious grassy paddocks which adjorns the farm, taking in the fresh air and village countryside every day. Every evening they are shut away from the foxes in the barns which are bedded down with our home grown straw as well as having straw bales to peck at and roost on. In the morning they are let back out into the paddocks to explore and enjoy the food we leave in the field for them to eat.

The difference between a farm reared Christmas cockerel and an intensively reared chicken is substantial. Kirks Cockerels are allowed to grow slowly, at a pace that is more natural to them and have a life span of 130 days compared to the average supermarket chicken, which is reared to 38 days.  Slow rearing allows the birds to lay down fat adding flavour and succulence when cooking. Cockerels are far juicier and tastier than your average chicken and can reach up to an impressive 6.3kg (14lbs)!

Over 500 Cockerels are produced ready for the Christmas trade and are sold direct from the farm or through high quality butchers and farm shops in Leicester, Leicestershire,  Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire.

Our Cockerels are avaliable to order from October via the website, email or telephone. The size range for our cockerels is from 3.6kg (8lbs) to 6.3kg (14lbs). They are supplied oven ready with giblets and in a clear polythene bag or for the added luxury our Free Range Cockerels are supplied in a box.

Cockerel orders are collected on the 23rd December between 7am and 6pm. They can be collected at an earlier or later date by arrangement.

If you would like more help on choosing the right size please see the size guide and prices page which will advise you on the best size.

Kirks Cockerels would make the perfect alternative to the traditional turkey, so why not try something different this year!